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and make the world-changing

we are always seeking for great people like you!

digitality is a "must-have" to stay alive in the restaurant business in the upcoming years. the young and the new generations will not want it any other way and will expect the restaurant industry transform, or they will just go one door further to the competitor, who is offering digital services they like.

because PROMPT CUISINE is a global restaurant order app we can not and we don't want to be everywhere. we know restaurant people do not trust everybody and it is not easy to convince them to start something they don't know yet even if it is great and helpful like PROMPT CUISINE.

so we are looking for great companies with at least five employees able to rock regional fitting marketing and working on there own. therefor we are offering a great monthly commission what is great and reliable to grow an awesome team.


what we offer to you

we are nerds. it-specialists. we want to focus on our best: we want to make sure PROMPT CUISINE will even in years deliver the best user experience for guests and restaurant owners.

free software to work with

work where ever you are, everything is saved on our cloud-based crm. we also set up your sales team so you can see your teams results.

online support 24/7

we know the restaurant business never sleeps. we support you whenever you have a question. we also train you and keep you best informed. 

let's talk - we take our time for you

tell us about your week at our weekly online meeting. what feedback did you get that we might have to take care of? what are your questions? what are your thoughts or your sorrows? of course, tell us your good news as well

we will train you well, promise

your team needs to know our PROMPT CUISINE system inside out. we want you to consult your customers how to use PROMPT CUISINE the best to bringt most benefits and revenue to them.

that is why we train you well and will do after every update. there is also an online training center on our website where you can re-check flows and get questions answered.

what we expect from you

we have a lot to give and you can be part of something world-changing



if we have an appointment, we take our time. that is why we expect you to be reliable and show up.

team building

you have at least 5 people and are planning on growing a bigger team with the success of PROMPT CUISINE in your area.

networking and marketing

even though we will do global marketing we expect you to do marketing in and for your network and area. you know best what your connections need and want to hear.

you have a big aim

you do not want PROMP CUISINE as a next to your regular business. we want people who want the success of PROMPT CUISINE.

 grab our app from the app stores

it's for free - check us out now


we are working globally

it doesn't matter where you at - you are wanted

the commission will be the same for every country and it is more than fair for the work you do. we know the beginning will be hard, but as soon the fire is lit, you will easily sell the PROMPT CUISINE services.

let's get this rocking

you think you have the right team to do this and you want to find out more about the commission and the sales-partner contract?

let's touch base now
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increase your restaurant's income


use our order ahead function to boost your lunch break business.

PROMPT CUISINE makes it possible:

reach new possible customers by offering our services.