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  • fast waiter switch (working with codes)
  • Inventory
  • different reports and personalized dashboard
  • automated pre-order option for stock, and much more
  • incl. maintenance  and updates
  • With every 5,000 orders a month done over the PROMPT CUISINE app you get 10 % discount on the PROMPT CUISINE POS.

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Dear Restaurant Owner  

With the advent of digital techniques in the restaurant industry, the desire for alternative ordering options became louder and louder. Every restaurant or franchise wants to offer their customers their own app with different options. It's invested a lot of time and money to keep the apps technically up to date and come up with new and better features all the time.

Of course, we all love our smartphone and we all want to gather a place in our customers' smartphones. However, how expensive is this desire? How much effort do you have to operate? Moreover, do you gain potential new customers with the app or do you need to win them through other promotions?

This is where we started PROMPT CUISINE. We as business owners and your customers have considered how we would be happier as a guest. The result was the PROMPT CUISINE App after three years of development and planning. A platform for all types of restaurants. Whether a casual or fast food restaurant, even ice cream parlors, discos, and bars can benefit from the PROMPT CUISINE app.

Why? Very easily. With every new location, customers can become an app user by using the QR-code ordering option. The customer will notice how versatile the app can be used and which great features are included in the app. Through an annual design change and regular updates, the app always remains attractive to the user. You have the advantage that with each new PROMPT CUISINE member the possibility to reach new potential customers increases immensely. Once the app user is near you, your location will be shown.
We have specifically chosen order options and features that your customers will love. This way you can save a lot of waiting time by self-ordering your products in your restaurant via QR-code. Also, the payment takes place directly after the order, saves time in the end and can increase your table turnaround immensely. By displaying the QR-code, you also determine whether the service is currently being offered or in which area of your restaurant it is offered.

The ability to pre-order from outside allows you to expand and perfect your lunch business. Your customers will love to be able to eat in peace and not sit uneasily in the chair or even come to you because the lunch break is simply too short. But, this feature is not only great at lunchtime, but it's also an excellent opportunity for tourists to attract attention and lead them to you with beautiful pictures.

With the possibility of table booking, we complete our offer. You have covered all the essential services for your customers with us. We think PROMPT CUISINE will be an asset to you and can even top the success of delivery services.

Sincerely yours

Melanie and Braam Lee

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