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FAQs for Members


PROMPT CUISINE is an interactive platform for restaurants and any kind of food places that informs App users where to find great restaurants that offer digital services fitting to the 21st century. We promote your Business/Location through the PROMPT CUISINE app and various other channels. When you receive orders through our system for in-house via QR-code, you prepare and deliver just as always. If you receive an order through our Food-in-Time feature, please make sure that your customer receives their order at the desired time. You can use our customer-friendly backend on any device that is connected to the internet. For best results please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser.

How does PROMPT CUISINE in-house order (self-order) work?

You will be listed and App users can see your location when they are close by.

You can offer self-ordering with our QR-code(s), so App users can get to your menu card ,with pictures to see what to expect, with one click  (QR-code button in the tab bar) . With this function, you can relieve your staff in busy rush hour times or you can work with this service in your outdoor area so you don't miss a customer.

This option will help you to upsell faster because people can see what they will order (visual shopping). The order process is learned fast and easy to use and re-use. The App users only have one account to enter different food places and they will be pleased to order and choose your restaurant if you're offering our service.

You will see the order in our backend in seconds and you can start preparing the food. The customer already paid upfront and is getting an invoice per email automatically from the system. Nothing else to do for you.

How does PROMPT CUISINE Food-in-Time (pre-order) work?

You will be listed and app users can see your location when they are close by.

App users can filter the restaurants offering food-in-time. They enter the menu card and order just like normally. At the end, they have to choose a time they want to have their order to be delivered/ready to be picked up or eating in your house. 

We see very high potential for this market gap. A lot of people only have a very short lunch break. These days we all love to eat better. This will give you a chance to a) make more income from customers in a rush b) speed up your table turnaround time because of a faster flow (missing ordering-, paying- and waiting-time will shorten the stay of your customers and makes it possible for more customers to use your service.)

Of course, you can set a buffer time in the system for how long in advance you need to know about the order so you can prepare it in time. You can also set which products are allowed to be sold with the food-in-time-function. There are more settings for you to optimize like: distance for delivery, delivery costs, free delivery over XX and much more.

You will see the order in our backend in seconds so you can start preparing the food in time. The customer has already paid and is automatically getting an invoice from the system. Nothing else to do for you.

Do you have drivers for the delivery service?

At the moment we do not offer such a service. We are concentrating on supporting restaurants and food places to reasonable prices with digital interactive features to be able to reach new customers (people living close by and tourists as well). We don't know what the future will bring, but at the moment we want to create a better world for guests and restaurant owners.

How much does it cost?

We collect a service fee of 0.10 $ for each order/booking which we think is fair. We do regular updates and a design change every year to make the app(s) look great and always provide the best user experience for your guests. Our sales team is getting new members to use our service to bring you more possible new customers, our in-house team is creating fantastic content and offers support to help you with videos and live support to get the most out of PROMPT CUISINE. We are very passionate and want to bring you and your guests the best benefits for as little costs as possible.

We will bill you monthly between the first and the 10th of the month.

Which Smartphones are you supporting?

We are offering an iOS and an Android app to serve the most common Smartphone devices.

Who is paying the costs for the payment provider?

We will put your payment details behind your account. So you get your money straight away. We do not work with your money. You have no waiting time or any losses or risks. Therefore you have to take the costs for the payment provider (at this stage, PayPal). You can talk to PayPal if you can have special conditions for the amount of payment coming to you.

Do I need a special PayPal account?

You do need a business account from PayPal. This is very simple to do. If you need help, please write us or ask your Sales Partner.

How quickly can I start?

This varies depending on you, but we do our best to have it up and running in the shortest time, being able to work with our QR-code(s) and getting orders for food-in-time and table bookings.

What kind of marketing do you do?

We succeed when you do! So we invest in you to promote you. Once you are a member, you can expect to be included in every kind of marketing campaigns we are creating. This can be everything from social media to emails, over Interviews and much more.

What is the signup process looks like?

Once you booked our Standard or Plus membership online, a member of our Team will contact you by email and send you a form where you please fill in all your company data and your (if possible) digital menu card. You now have time to shoot some nice 300x300 pictures of your products until we set up your account. With the next email, you will get login data and QR-code(s). Food-in-time and table booking will just be set up and promoted. You have to put the QR-code with your marketing on every table in your restaurant or wherever you want to use it.

Where can I use the QR-code?

QR-Code is a great thing. You can use it with so many possibilities - you will love it:

1) Print a single QR-Code on a sign for a pick-up service (beer garden, Hot Dog/Ice Cream/Food stand or similar)

2) Print different QR-Codes on every seat to know where to bring the order (Stadium, Concerts)

3) Print different QR-Codes on each table to know where to bring the order

4) Print a QR Code on the flag of the 18th hole of your golf curse to offer your guests the possibility to sip at their drink or eat their food as soon as they are back at the golf house restaurant.

5) Use the QR-Codes for certain areas of your restaurant to attract younger or rush pressured guests.

6) Use the QR-Code to relieve your staff in rush hours.

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