" Why working with us makes sense"

use the values of a growing global platform


the global restaurant order app - connecting guests and food places around the world 

expand your order-ways 

bring awesome user experience to your guests with our QR-code order function at your tables and offer mobile order ahead to satisfy your customers and avoid waiting times and long lines.

reach millions of hungry people

there is no better marketing option than to reach your target people at the moment of need - in your case hungry people close to your location.

increase your income

if your customers can order whenever they think about eating or drinking, you avoid losing orders due to a lack of order possibility.

everything is optional

nothing is a must! you can offer table-booking , "food-in-time" or our self-ordering options (qr-codes) or don't. It's all up to you and your concept!

bizople kit

"This is a game-changer and will change the restaurant industry totally!"

Patrick Mauser, afa

do you have an order-app already?

please tell us, if you are already working with a mobile app or kiosk-system.

Increase your Restaurant's income